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fiction plane in amsterdam - 12/20/2007


Marion's review!

REVIEW fiction plane PARADISO (amsterdam Dec 20th 2007)



I'll start the story a bi before the gig's day for you to better understand ;)

So as you all know on Saturday December 15th I was in Antwerp with Gwladys, Vanessa, Nora, Sebastien and Tabatha to see Fiction Plane in live at Petrol. There, as I was talking to Pete, he asked me if I was coming in Amsterdam next week for the last show of the year. I just said no because he told me it was Wednesday right in the middle of the week and with my studies I couldn't. But during the night Pete asked me again if I was coming. He can't remember everything everybody says !! And he was talking about this Amsterdam show as it was the best of the year and each time I was saying "No sorry but I really can't, it's much expensive and I can't leave school like this." It sounded like I was going to miss a really great night but what could I do?? :s Then MONDAY (Dec. 17th) I was in Paris with Vanessa and Gwladys to see the guys recording a live session in Europe 2. There, as the show ended we thought we could spend some time with the guys but the Europe 2 staff jerked us out quickly. Before we left we could thank Sete, Joe and Pete a little and there Pete (and Vanessa was next to me she can swear) asked me again (for the 4th time in 3 days !!) if I really couldn't come in Amsterdam. GOD!! HE BROKE MY HEART because I really wanted to come to see them again but I couldn't!!! And I was so sad to say no each times… Then we quickly left..wow sorry : we've quickly been jerked out by Europe2 staff  and found ourselves in the street looking at the pictures we took. That's here we met FP again when they left Europe 2 too.

SO, coming back home Tuesday I stole for a moment a pc of the hospital (where I'm at school and where I work..i study to be a nurse)and check the FP dates, just to be sure that I really couldn't come because I couldn't stop thinking about what Pete told me and about how much times I said "no" :s And what do I see????? Amsterdam à Friday Dec 21th !!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!! It was suddenly possible to come!!!!!!! I immediately called Gwladys and Vanessa (she was in back in Eire)and asked her if they wanted to come. In the same time I looked how much time would it take to go by plane, by train, then by car. The cheaper solution was by car. I had still the FP space page open and then realized that the show was sold out. OH NOOO!! I reflected few minutes to ask myself if what I was going to do was too much or not then I wrote a mail to Eric telling him the whole truth. I talked about all the times Pete asked me if I could come, I told him I said no because Pete mistaked the date (or I might didn't well understand) I told him that for now I could come but the gig was sold out. So everything here was on Tuesday. Vanessa was quite excited at the idea to come back and see them again and I had no news about Gwladys. Tuesday night was horrible.. too much stress!!! Lol. Wednesday morning I checked my mails and see a mail from Eric saying he was going to see if it's possible to add me in the guest list +2 (+2 = Vanessa and Gwladys because I told him they might come with me). Eric was also saying that the show was on Thursday (the day before!!!!) and not Friday (mistake on the website) I straight called Vanessa who told me on Thursday she couldn't come because she worked!! She was devastated. Too bad!! :s I finally had Gwladys on the phone in the middle of the day who told me she was ok. Then I booked the hotel really near from the show and Gwladys checked which train she could take. The problem that the show was on Thursday but Friday was that I had to be at school on Thursday morning. Couldn't do otherwise!!! So I look if it was possible to go by car as soon as I left school to be on time at the show. Driving without pause it was possible. Eric sent me another mail saying that there was little problems because they had a really short guest list and the promoters wouldn't give them much list spots. It was really turning bad but Eric told me I was doing everything for me o come with the girls. Then few minutes later he sent me a message saying "marion everything is okay come to the show! " YYYYAHHHOOOUU!!  So everything was ok. Gwladys took the train during the day to come in Reims Wednesday night.

I called Vanessa at night ho told me she was finally coming and will took the plane from Dublin to Amsterdam Thursday morning and join us at he show. I gave her our hotel phone and address for her to book her room for the night. Then Thursday after school from 8 to noon we left Reims by car with Gwladys to go to Amsterdam !! Nice weather until we arrived near Brussels there was snow and smog. We went through Antwerp with little nostalgia and drove, drove, drove again. There was snow everywhere and it was quite cold outside..and there was lot of people on the road so we didn't drive fast… and arrived..after long minutes of  corks in Amsterdam. The challenge here was to find the gig's place where Vanessa was waiting us. Of course we had a map but it was the worst map I ever had and we did the entire round of Amsterdam before we found, with some difficulties the gig's place. We quickly parked in a street just in front of the casino (there was a casino near the Paradiso) letting all our bags in the car then ran to the show because we were really late. Then we found the Paradiso. There was a big stand in line but we didn't have to make it because we were thanks to Eric in the guest list. So we entered the Paradiso, let our coats in the wardrobe-room and searched for the stage. People who weren't there have to know the Paradiso is a big house with lot of rooms with one stage by room. So we had to find the stage were FP was playing. Easy to do..easier than to find Paradiso in Amsterdam :p  Wednesday I had called Nikki who was coming to but she was in the airport and the communication had been cut suddenly so I knew she was there but nothing more. We finally found her and friends of her in front of the stage. Thanks to them we could be just in front of the guys, in the 2 first rank because we arrived that late that many people were already glued to the stage! There we met the fictionaires we all know now!!! Really good meeting!! Glad to know you all girls !!!!! :D

Then the guys jumped on stage, Joe with a Mexican sombrero !! lool funny Joe!

"Hi everybody!!"

"Hi fiction plane!!"


They did a wonderfull show!! Sete (Baron Sete Von Daunt! Lol) was really really good, he did great solos, Joe was overexcited hight-jumping and Pete drumming as ever! I was right in front of him (as always haha) and it's was really funny to see him recognize all of us and play with us!! He drop his drumstick too and this time caught them well!!! :D I don't know how to describe this show!! It was just HUGE! Sure the best show of the two we made. I say two because Europe 2 was not the same kind of show as Antwerp or Amsterdam. You can't compare!

After the show they were ok for some meeting but we didn't stay long. Just a kiss, congratulations and I asked Joe if it was possible to see them after because we had thing for them. He said "yes of course" and that I have to talk to Eric. But Nikki talked to Joe just after us and invited the guys to an Irish pub near the Paradiso. They said yes and Nikki came to invite us too. So no need to talk to Eric. But we went to see him with Vanessa to buy t-shirts and to thank him for fighting for us to be on the guest list! You have to know this guys is really really nice!! I'm not talking about the guest list things etc.. no no. just about him!! He's really cool! :D thanks again Eric (for everything!)

So we left the Paradiso with the girls and invaded this Irish pub (near the Hard Rock café!lol) waiting for the guys to come. Guiness general turn please!!! J We talked with all the girls here : Nikki, Audrey, Kinga, Maria, Harriet, Monique..and all the girls I forgot to name!! J

Joe, Sete and Pete arrived few minutes later. We gave them the "santa's bag" with all the presents inside. I already gave Pete a present for his birthday in Antwerp and Vanessa did the same for Joe so we just bought chocolate for X-mas! They loved! Joe put the chocolate inside his shirt you can see it on some pictures and Pete act as if he was going to eat it right now there's a picture too ! Then they open the girl's presents. They were really touched and happy. Joe had a necklace from I don't remember who and he was trying to attach it when he said "Oh It's a screw" and Pete next to him said "You get screwed by behind" and Joe answered "Didn't last long" loooool! They spent a nice time with us, talking about the show..etc. We made a group picture in the Irish pub's stairs. Picture taken by the barman for everybody to be on it!! Joe bring back his famous shirt to Nikki! She was sooo happy!!! J great moment. Pete asked me what I thought about the show and told me he thought it was the best!! I agreed and told him that I really loved the Europe 2 one too even if it's not comparable!! Then I told Sete he had to check his mails. He said he did and saw mine and asked me what it was. (it was a picture I took in the subway in paris related to his story with the girl's vagin) I explained him why I sent him this picture and I don't know why… to support what I was saying I slowly touched his nose with my finger. I realised what I'd done only after I did and was afraid of his reaction because it is really unrespectfull (according to me) to do this!! We're not friends!! But he had a big smile and everything was find!! Lol I think I can say I touch Seton's reproducing organ now!! LOL They signed some cd's and then left because they were tired and waited. It was a really great moment we had a lot of fun and laughed a lot!!! Really unforgettable!! After they left we stayed in the irish pub talking about how much time each one knows them or what gig's we went to.. our experiences and about our lives in general! A nice moment too!! I loved very much!! Thanks to Nikki for all of this!! Happy to be in the "family" now!! :p Then we left with Vanessa and Gwladys and went for a little walk by night. Amsterdam with lights and snow was really beautiful  and cold!!!! It’s a really beautiful city!! We went back to the car to take our bags and went to our hotel room at less 5 minutes of the Paradiso and Irish pub. We talked for a while in my hotel room about this amazing night, laughing again! And then Gwladys and Vanessa went back to their room. They took the double room and me the single. Friday morning I woke up early … awaken by the sound of "two sisters". I jumped out of my bed wondering where could this come from!! Then I realized the tv as turned all night long and it was playing the "two sisters" video clip on Mtv!!! And I was laughing alone in my room. The girls were not awaken yet so I went outside for a walk in Amsterdam streets. Seeing again the Irish pub, the Hard rock café and the Paradiso remembering this magic night! J When I came back to the hotel  Vanessa was ready and we went to have our breakfast in the hotel kitchen. Then Gwladys awaken later did and we packed our bags to leave. We wanted to walk again in Amsterdam because we had the time and the girls haven't seen Amsterdam by day so we put all the bags in the car (Vanessa was coming back with us) and then I saw.. a little white paper on my wind-screen. I took it and read "50e reclaimed" by the Amsterdam police. I wondered why because of all the cars in the street no one had tickets inside proving that they paid something and I stayed parked here only by night. So I looked to a payment born and saw that in Netherland you have to pay your parking EVEN AT NIGHT!! It's 14,40e a night!! Well guess what? Even if I saw earlier that I had to pay my parking by night I would have never done it for almost 15e a night!! This is crazy!!!! I payed nothing.. I'm now waiting to receive some letter from Netherland saying I have to pay.. nothing comes… we'll see…  After this discover we had lunch in town and then took the road to go back in France. It took 10 hours to achieve our trip!!!!! There was corks in each town we went trough !! So much people on the road. Guess what.. it was Christmas holidays beginning!! We were very happy to get out of the car in Reims because we were really fed up to be in!!! The girls had to take trains earlier in the day because we planed to arrive in Reims earlier but as it was too late they took their tickets for the day after and we went to sleep… at 3 in my 15m² studio! Lol J funny experiments! They left on Saturday morning without any problems!!

I think this week and particulary this show and this Thursday night was the best christmas gift I had ever had !!

I'm sorry if I didn't talked about the show by itself a lot.. I just don't know how to express how it was or what I felt!! It was just amazing!!! And really good to be there after all the stress we had to make it works!!

Many thanks again to Eric for his kindness and devotion and Joe and Sete for their wonderful show and to be here with us even if I guess they will never read this!!! Special thanks and dedicace (lol) to Pete for talking that much to me about this gig!!! I think if he hadn't talked to me about this show that lot I would never had looked on the space and then… came!!! Lol


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