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fiction plane in antwerpen - 12/15/2007


Marion's review!


FP IN ANTWERP 2007.12.15


Fiction Plane in Live in Antwerp(2007.12.15).....yes from Reims it's a bit far, a bit expensive! So I won't talk from Tours or Paris or even Metz!!! That's why we took my car from Reims, with Gwladys (Dymples) & Val' (Tabatha37) to Antwerp! So Saturday morning, after a short night, we left Reims at 9 p.m. to Antwerp, having a 5 minutes break in Charleville to get Nora with us. Quiet trip except that road in Belgium are not really good!  We arrived in Antwerp at about 1 p.m. after some problems to find the hotel we finally achieved to get our 2 rooms!! The plan...at the begining, was to go to the club (Petrol) check where it was and visit Antwerp waiting for the begining of the show. But finally..that's not what happened!!!  Indeed we had some problems...should i say difficulties...to find Petrol!!! After about...2h of research and a mobile credit explosed because of sending text message to Vanessa (check my friends!) & Seb who also searched for the club....after many many stops to ask people "Hi! do you speak french? do you know Petrol?" or "Hello! vous parlez français? je cherche cette rue!!" and many circles in (sometimes out) the town...we found the street where was suppose to be the club. Another problem here....it was at number 21....and at number 21...we saw nothing!!!! so we drove up then down the street, meeting Vanessa with her guitare and his friend who were walking...searching for Petrol too! Finally they found the club and called us.At 5 p.m. We parked...(at this point..i have to notice it was quite cold outside!!!)and asked a man getting out of the building (building that really didn't look like a theatre!!!!) if it was possible to enter few minutes. It was early and really cold!! He said "yess but 5" and let us enter the club. Here was Pete, preparing his drum set (and all thoses things ).

We went to talk to him a little then let him finish his job. I gave him the present i brought with me for his birthday (it was just the week before). We sat on a second stage a little out of the way from everybody working. Finally nobody told us to go out so we stayed here until Joe with his "chicken" hat (see in my pics) and Seton arrived..crumbling under equipement. They were really nice with us. Accepting we talk a little..they signed Vanessa's guitare and she gave to Joe the present she had for him (check her myspace i let her deal with this point ).

During the soundcheck we came a bit closer and Joe told us to come near to stage. Then he asked us if we were the "dancers". Wow no!!!!! We starded at each other. Ununderstanding until a band of women jumped up to stage and started to dance on "it's a lie". Everything's okay!! i remembered that i saw i video on FP or Seton space few days earlier of women dancing on this song! So as it looked they were going to dance if front of people during the show. Nice!!!

Finishing the soundcheck we talked to them again then they went to their dressing room. We still waited. Looking the band playing for the first part and then came to take our places (free placement) glued (that's the word lol) to the stage...and.. as a good drumer (just trying to learn !! ) me in front of Pete !!

The show started a bit late because they waited the club to be well filled by people to start. And they were right! So first part : ARQUETTES. I loved them starting with a instru song!! it was quite good!! They they did 6 songs...i didn't really understood the lyrics but i didn't find the music wrong. The fact is i need to listen some studio version to have an opinion. That's what i'm going to do. If you're curious to listen them check my friends i sent an invitation to be a friend.

Then FICTION PLANE jumped on stage!!! YEAHHHH!!! Starting with "death machine"!! Really rocking!!!!

here's the set list : Death machine, running the country, presuppose, cross the line, sadr city, left side, drink (accoustic version), hate (only the begining accoustic ), anyone, cigarette (with the story!!), it's a lie (with the dancers), 2 sisters.

It was a really really great show!!!! even if i regret a little the fact that almost nobody knew the lyrics (so the songs) in the club!! It's natural if FP was not well known in Antwerp...NOW IT IS!!! i found people happy of the show...so were I!!!  After the show we bought Tshirt or CD's (it depends on each ones) and made them signed. Then we talked a little backstage. Guys were really really tired...and so were i (i drove all day) so we said goodbye and left. Another problem was in front of us there : out to find the hotel. We had the map..but in regards of what happened coming to the club.. we really had doubts about the hour we could sleep!!!! We all get on the car..yes!! everybody (we were 6!!) in my little Twingo!!!! i have a video to proove it...i was afraid people not to believe it!!! lol i'll try to put it on the video section! So we took Vanessa and Seb to their wonderfuuuuull hotel (check vanessa space!!!) and found our way to our hotel in....10 min!!!!! as it was written on the map!! incomprehensible!!!BIZARRE!!!

Then we talked about the show..and personally...felt asleep at about 3 a.m. !!!(some other earlier...or later..or not!!!) ....and i woke up at 8.30 a.m. short night!!!!!...but unforgettable !!!


pics on my pics section!!

A BIG THANKS TO PETE, SETON, AND JOE (chicken chicken!! ) FOR THE SHOW AND THE TIME SPENT WITH US.... you guys are rocking!!! ...and really really nice!!!

love and kisses!!!



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