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Songs From The Labyrinth in Paris - 10/26/2006


4:00 P.M: Marion and I arrive to Radio France, there were two lines: one for the “audience” and another for “V.I.P and the winners of the fan club” => US!
They were the first, we discussed with the security staff of Radio France, some were sympathic...not all of them!LOL
One of them told me that the places are free, so we can seat where we wanted except the “Guest places”!

6:30 P.M: Dave and Wendy of Sting.com went to give us the tickets, they are very kind! Thank you very much! So I won 2 tickets and Marion 2, we invited Serguei (a classic dance teacher) and a fan Gwladys (Dymples on Stingus).

7:30 P.M: We enter on the hall, we were first but some people pass in front of us, they were not fans, they were some V.I.P...I was angry it's not fair when you have waited since 4 hours!:(
So these people took the middle of the first rank (OUR PLACES!), we were seating on the left of the 1er rank...not very good place, I'll explain why later.

A man came on the stage to present the interviewer, a woman who I forgot the name, she calls Sting and Edin!

Sting is good on the interview, very kind, funny, he spoke a little French (WE LOOOVEE HIS FRENCHH!!), and he was looking often to Edin (we have his sight just in front of us!) he was funny too when he presents his “family instrument”!!LOL

Like I said, we were seating on the left, so during the interview, we saw Sting well, but during the show Edin hide Sting...We saw just his feet and his head sometimes!LOL I was a little bit disappointed about that but I don't regret to be sit there, and you will know why later!:P

It was amazing, good ambiance, good sound, the studio is beautiful! Sting was great, Edin and Stile Antico too ! I will never forget a classic show like this one!LOL

Do you remember my tribute video for his birthday ? All fans told me " Ah If Sting can see this video.."

So I made a CD with the video and Marion made a beautiful cover you can see here.

When Sting came back at the end of the show to saluate AGAIN us, he was approaching of the stage in the middle exactly, and I was in the left do you remember ?

I was very nervous because I must decide quickly if I go or not.. So with all courage I had I walk up to him, I said "Sting" stretching out my hand with the CD, he look at me, stretch out his hand too and take the CD. He smile to me and told me in french "Merci beaucoup" with his cute english accent. I return his smile to him. *emotion*

I wanted to tell him : "You're welcome" but my hands was shaking, and my heart beat so fast, so I came back to my place very very happy!!

We left the hall after the show : we saw Trudie Styler ("his lovely wife" like he said on the interview.) and his 2 daughters : Coco and Mickey!

We decided to wait him with others fans : after different exits (Radio France is huge!!) we found where Sting will leave : a garage!

Some fans had his new album to dedicace it. For me, an autograph is not really important even if one day I would like one on a CD!But this night I don't have one..lol

So, he was on his car with Trudie next to him, he fall the window and sign some autograph. When the radio france security..not very pleasant..told us "It's over!", the window is raising slowly, I put my hand on the car (yes it's dangerous, but it's stop raising!lol) and he hold my hand with a little smile!:)

The moment was so fast, I couldn't tell him " Thanks for the show", I will do it next time..;)




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