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Songs From The Labyrinth in Paris - 02/18/2007



Marion and I are seating in front of the Pleyel hall, Mr GERT come to us and He ask us If we want to be interviewed for a DVD he’s making (The Police set them 3 will be release this summer). After some hesitation, I accept the deal, He ask me my opinions about the come back of the band, my favourites songs,etc...He interviewed too Seb, the webmaster of Listing website.
We met the fans who know (Stephane, Jerome and Estelle), and some unknown in “real”: Seb, his wife, and Eric, very very kind people!


Very good show, the same one in Radio France in October 2006 besides Edin Karamazov does a first part alone with his lute.
After that, Sting comes on stage, always so elegant!! The voice is good, Stile Antico, the choir, excellent too. They made a last song at the end (Sting is standing) very cool.


Reading - Letter Extract 1 - "Right Honorable: as I have bin most bound unto your honor..."
Flow my tears
The lowest trees have tops
Reading - Letter Extract 2 - "...Then in time passing on Mr. Johnson died..."
The Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark, His Galliard
Can She Excuse My Wrongs
Reading - Letter Extract 3 - "... And according as I desired ther cam a letter..."
Fine knacks for ladies
Reading - Letter Extract 4 - "...From thenc I went to Landgrave of Hessen..."
Come, heavy sleep
Reading - Letter Extract 5 - "...From thenc I went to Landgrave of Hessen..."
La Rossignol
Come again
Have you seen the bright lily grow
Reading - Letter Extract 6 - "...After my departures I caled to mynde our conference..."
Weep you no more, sad fountains
Clear or cloudy
Reading - Letter Extract 7 - "...men say that the Kinge of Spain is making gret preparation..."
In darkness let me dwell
Fields Of Gold
Hellhound on my Trail
Message in a Bottle
The unknown song
..sorry If someone know the title tell us.


We waited Sting, I had my autograph on the CD. We saw Edin and Trudie too, the moment was very fast, and some fan were a little bit too excited…
But I was very happy that Sting took my CD to sign it, I’ll never forget each moment I’m so close to Sting.



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